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RCE Kuching Launches 2-Year 5Rs Campaign Project

RCE Kuching has successfully launched its 2-year 5Rs Campaign Project in three Padawan schools on the 9th and 10th of August 2019. The three schools involved include SMK Siburan, SK St. Bernard and SK St. Paul which all combined make up a total of 172 school students. In line with its tagline – ‘Towards a Sustainable Future’, RCE Kuching kick-started this campaign with the three schools along the Sarawak River (Kiri) to educate the school students regarding the 5Rs (Reduce, Refuse, Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose) concepts.

Throughout the 2-year campaign, this project will allow the school students to learn the concepts and benefits of the 5Rs, resulting in a mindset change (Phase I). It also will enable the students to do 5R activities in the schools, resulting in new sustainable habits (Phase II) and lastly, this project will also encourage the school students to plan and do small 5R projects in schools and home, resulting in community impact (Phase III).

The first session of the 5Rs Campaign started with the introduction to the RCE Kuching team members along with an ‘ice-breaking’ session. Pre-questionnaires were also distributed to the students to determine their initial level of awareness of the 5Rs concept. There were also mini activities on the 5Rs concept and games conducted during the first session. Reusable bags sponsored by UCSI University were also distributed among the students to encourage them to stop the use of plastic bags in order to save the environment.

“During this first session, I had the opportunity to repurpose an empty bottle into a simple plant pot which I never thought of before. I think I can do at least 10 more pots at home (laughed)”, said Eric, a school student from SK St. Bernard. The student added that he is keen to have more 5Rs sessions and is looking forward to meet the team in September.

“Well done on the first sessions organized under the 5Rs Campaign. I am very proud of how the RCE Kuching teams have handled this. All three sessions have been conducted with success! It’s certainly satisfying to see the support we received from the schools management; and the students were also very participative, engaging and cooperative. This is good news for us as we would want students to have fun while benefiting from this campaign”, remarked Mdm Mukvinder Sandhu, RCE Kuching Vice Chairperson.

Various key stakeholders of RCE Kuching such as UCSI University, WormingUp, JCI, UNIMAS, G.A.M.E.S. P.L.T, the Sarawak River Board, the Natural Resources and Environment Board, Kura-Kura Homestay, and the Agriculture Department were very much in support of this campaign and will contribute in many ways in the near future.

“Together we can save this planet. It starts with you and me” – Anonymous