You are currently viewing RCE Team Exploration visit to Annah Rais Village Homestay

RCE Team Exploration visit to Annah Rais Village Homestay

02/03/2018  – 2nd site visit – Annah Rais Village Homestay

RCE Kuching Team group photo with the Semadang village headman (2nd from the left) at Annah Rais River newly constructed bridge.

Annah Rais concrete bridge is the main bridge linking to Sibakar village, Simuti village & Sadir village.

Clear river water and the jungle is enriched with bamboo trees and various other types of trees and local plants. (right side view of Annah Rais concrete bridge)

Left side view of Annah Rais concrete bridge

This is a traditional Bidayuh wooden/bamboo longhouse with a few doors is a registered homestay under the Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia.  The longhouse section names are “Kupo Saba & Kupo Puso”. Kupo means village.

A bamboo tube zither instrument player shares his thoughts about the river and the economic, social and cultural experiences of the villagers.

The longhouse settlers are mostly farmers and homestay owners. Tourism Activities at Annah Rais include visits to the hot spring, net fishing, jungle trekking & swimming at the waterfall, bamboo rafting, caving & bamboo cooking (rice, local chicken, fish & local vegetable).

Main community activities are also traditional cultural show performances, padi planting, herbal gardens and rice wine (tuak) production. The social and economic activities are run and managed by the village community themselves.