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RCE Team Exploration visit to Semadang Village

02/03/2018 –  1st site visit – Semadang Village.


This is a registered tourism wireless centre. Its main activities are fishing & tourist attractions such as kayaking.

There is a suspension wooden bridge to cross over in order to get to the other side of Semadang village.

St. Patrick Primary School, Semadang, is one of the selected schools for RCE Kuching to promote & educate awareness on the natural environment and river cleanliness.

Nanap River at Karu Village links with the Semadang River upstream.   According to Mr. Edward Doring (a village Kayaking business owner), before the construction of the Bengoh dam, the river water was crystal clear.  The river water is now murky and villagers don’t seem to spend much time at the river anymore. A group of students from Australia have even conducted research on the Semadang River water.