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Sarawak River Virtual Art Competition 2020

This year’s Sarawak River Virtual Art Competition 2020 is going to be an online art competition that adds unique perspectives of communities on river sustainability and how their expressions could be portrayed in the forms of various art categories. This online art competition will include drawings and paintings. There is no restriction on the use of medium. It could be regular pencils, coloured pencils, graphite pencils, charcoal, crayons, sketch pens, oil pastels, watercolours, acrylic colours, oil colours. The drawing, sketch or painting can be done on any drawing papers. It aims to involve as many Sarawakians to participate especially those between the age of 16 years old and above.  All participants are required to produce their masterpiece within a theme of “Be part of the Solution, not part of the Pollution” and participants are expected to accomplish and submit their task by 16th October 2020.


Let’s register and submit your artwork here or scan QR code in the poster before closing date.


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