Research Programs

  • Inclusion of ESD in formal national curricula
      Discussions will be initiated with the other Malaysian RCEs to mainstream ESD into the national curricula without it being seen as an extra add-on but rather an integration of sustainability topics into the existing curricula.
  • Socio-Cultural and Economic Impact of Tourism Activities
      The study will explain the nature of socio cultural activities that have taken place at the Sarawak River and the assess economic impact and carrying capacity analysis to develop sustainable performance indicators to enhance tourism activities.
  • River Water Quality of Sarawak River (Kiri) – Determining emerging pollutant levels
      This project will involve getting the necessary water quality data from strategic points of the Sarawak River.
  • Determining Level of SD Awareness in Urban and Rural Communities of Kuching
      Determine the awareness of the four areas of environment, social, economy and culture related to sustainable development in addition to the knowledge and attitudes about the environment in general among riverine communities, within the next 5 years.