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Visit to Sarawak Rivers Board

20/10/2017 –  Visit to Sarawak Rivers Board


The Sarawak River Board officer, Mr. Angga Maga presented about the Sarawak River Board objectives and missions to RCE Kuching team and UCSI University Sarawak Campus students. Numerous coordinated efforts have been implemented by the SRB to ensure that the rivers in Sarawak are clean.

The visit was led by the RCE Coordinator and several members of the RCE Kuching Team who believed that this talk could kick-start the RCE’s efforts towards river cleanliness and sustainability by creating  awareness amongst the younger generation.

UCSI University Sarawak Campus Chief Operating Officer Mdm. Mukvinder Sandhu, who is also the coordinator of RCE Kuching presented a small token of appreciation to SRB officer.

Sarawak Rivers Board as one of the main RCE Kuching stakeholders is where, we are getting our rapport and support on kick starting RCE Kuching activities on Education for Sustainable Development and to meet its objectives since RCE Kuching is focusing on the Sarawak River Kiri (Left).

Rivers in the state of Sarawak play a major role in the economic activities.  They provide easy means of transportation for passengers and goods.  Rivers also provide fresh water for consumption, recreation and industrial use.  In some rural areas, boat services are the only means of public transport.

Public awareness on river cleanliness is where RCE Kuching  and Sarawak Rivers Board can consolidate efforts in educating the public towards a transformed attitude keeping the rivers clean through public engagement and participation.